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Who we are

Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) was established in 2006 as a national network of outdoor education associations. OEA follows on the good work conducted by on the antecedent organisation of the Australian Outdoor Education Council. Its member associations represent thousands of practising outdoor educators, teachers and organisations across Australia. The primary purpose of Outdoor Education Australia is to facilitate communication between state and territory outdoor education associations about the practice and delivery of outdoor education throughout Australia.

Outdoor Education is understood by member associations to be defined as ‘educating for healthy relationships through sustainable outdoor experiences’.

Outdoor Education Australia is a member of the Outdoor Council of Australia. The following Associations are the inaugural members of OEA:

Each state organisation elects two persons to be representatives to OEA.

The representatives in each state for 2015 are:

(Northern Territory does not have an Outdoor Education Association as yet. Presently interested members are directed to other state OE associations)

2015 Events

4th International Adventure Conference, 9–11 September, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
See <www.adventureconference2015.co.uk> for details.

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OEA Members

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ACT Outdoor Education Association

Outdoor Educators’ Association of South Australia

Outdoor Educators’ Association of Queensland

Outdoor Recreation Industry Council

Outdoors WA

Victorian Outdoor Education Association

And also...

Tasmanian Outdoor Education Teachers’ Association